UX/UI Designer

Andreas Hellqvist


I’m usually the person who runs with the ideas. Mine or others doesn’t matter, I just like to keep the momentum going.

I’ve had the great honor of working within a number of industries throughout the years. I’ve also had the privilege to be able to exercise a wide spectrum of competences in different fields of user interface design and branding. I tend to excel in assignments where there’s a mix of UX and UI challenges.

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My many facets


I’ve been working in this business for about 20 years and I like to think that I have amassed a great deal of valuable insight into the field of design.


One of my most important purposes in the workplace is to share and collaborate with my peers. Given my teacher background I always try to coach and guide my junior colleagues.


Besides my interest in gaming, I find it that a playful mind tends to lead to greater forms of creativity. Gamification is also an excellent way to both problem solve and increase user satisfaction.


Whether it concerns layer groups in Sketch or deliveries to developers I’d like to keep things organised. Projects tend to run in an iterative way, therefore you need to work in a systematic fashion.

Some of my assignments

UC – Kreditkollen

Through Awave, where I worked as a Digital designer, we were hired to help UC with their new service Kreditkollen. This was a very inspiring project where I got to combine gamification with complex UX solutions. This service is designed to help their users to improve their credit score. Even though this is a responsive website, the execution felt more like an app which was very joyful for me to work with.


NCC is one of the biggest construction companies in the Nordics. They build everything from housing to industries. I was hired as a consultant to both help them with a new digital visual identity and a complete redesign of their webpages. The UX process included both interviews and surveys to discover the insights we needed to produce the wireframes and mockups. We tried to keep the project as iterative as possible and included all stakeholders as much as possible.


Vattenfall is one of the biggest energy producers in Sweden. They are privately owned by the Swedish government. They are also one of the biggest distributors of electricity. Besides working with recruitment and coaching I also created a concept with focus on optimising the user experience. I also developed mockups for all responsive states.

Sveriges Åkeriföretag

Through Awave, where I worked as a Digital designer, we were hired to help Sveriges Åkeriföretag. This is the branch organisation for the goods transportation sector in Sweden. First we workshopped some personas to identify their customers and stakeholders. After an interview process we started creating some wireframes and also initiated some design work around their visual brand.